Apple Earpods with Lightning Connector

Apple Earpods with Lightning Connector


Brand:       Apple
Color:      White
Connector:    Lightning
Type:       In Ear

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100% Original Apple Earpods With Lightning Connector
Compatible Devices: iPhone7 | 7+, iPhone8 | 8+, iPhone 12 |12 Pro | iPhone X/XS/XS Max | iPhone 11|11 Pro | iPhone 12|12 Pro | iPhone 13|13 Pro

These are the newer Earpods with Lightning Connector should you need to replace the pair that came with your iPhone! Or maybe you’ve got an iPhone 5 or 6 and would like to upgrade from the traditional 3.5mm plug Earpods to these.

As with all Apple’s products, a lot of thought has gone into the design process of the Apple Earpods. Apple engineered their Earpods inline with the geometry of the inner ear giving you a much clearer listening experience.


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